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22June 2017

11.15–12.45: Facilitated discussion on CC Impact and Vulnerability assessments and Monitoring, reporting and evaluation

1. National Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability assessments (Hans-Martin Füssel)

2. Adaptation scoreboard of the European Commission (Claus Kondrup)

3. Indicators to monitor adaptation to climate change (Wouter Vanneuville)

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PDF 1. CC Impact and vulnerability assessments Download Wouter Vanneuville 23/06/2017, 11:39 1 MB
PDF 2. EU Adaptation Strategy: Update on the Country Fiches / Scoreboard Download Wouter Vanneuville 23/06/2017, 11:42 1 MB
PDF 3. Monitoring, reporting and evaluation Download Wouter Vanneuville 23/06/2017, 11:44 1021 KB