Monitoring and evaluation of national adaptation policies along the adaptation policy cycle

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-- update 20/03/2020--

The deadline for comments moved to Monday 23 March. Due to the tight timeline for the remaining process towards finalisation of this product, we are unable to move this deadline further. I hope for your understanding and thanks to everybody who provided comments already.

Hope you all stay healthy and we will inform you about the publication of this report as soon as it becomes available.

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We invite Eionet and invited reviewers to provide comments on this draft report during a period of 6 weeks (by 20/03/2020). However, we suggest to provide comments at your earliest convenience, as EEA will put another report on adaptation into consultation at the beginning of March 2020.

Please read the comments below carefully, before providing comments on the draft report

Missing elements / Executive summary

Some aspects of this report will be completed during the consultation. This includes the executive summary.

Some specific paragraphs are still missing. These will be developed when finalising the report (e.g. on the 8EAP in section 1.1.1 “other EU policies”). If countries are mentioned in sections substantially changing, these countries will be approached directly for additional comments.

Glossary / References

Words marked with “*” will be explained in the glossary to limit the amount of long footnotes. While some of them already are, the glossary will be shaped in full during the consultation period.

Most of the references are already included in the referencing software of EEA. Streamlining and adding missing references will be done during the consultation period.

All cross-references (to figures, boxes, chapters, sections, …) will be checked in the final version of the document.

EU28 / EEA33

All numbers referring to countries include the UK.

UK examples will remain in this report.

A pdf version of the report is provided in this folder as well. However, please provide all comments in the TalkBack consultation tool only.

Section Comments
0 Scope, outline and reading guidance 6
1 Main developments and progress 27
2 Adaptation policy development 20
3 Implementation of adaptation 24
4 Approaches to monitoring, reporting and evaluation 18
5 Conclusions and future directions 7