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In addition to insurance differences for different types of hazards, there are large difference between the EEA member countries. Based on the CATDAT data (Figure 3c), countries with the highest ratio of insured economic losses over total losses are Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway (48-56%) and the lowest values can be found in Croatia, Lithuania and Romania (0.5-1.5%). For NatCatSERVICE data, highest values are found in Belgium, Luxemburg and Denmark and lowest values in Lithuania, Romania and Cyprus.

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  • sjostasa (Asa Sjöström) 09 Dec 2021 09:27:24

    So what does this difference between the sources tell us? If the main conclusion is that there are large differences between EU countries, than perhaps it isn't necessary to cite two different figures? Perhaps find what the two sources have in common, and focus on that.  

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