Key messages

  • Between 1980 and 2020, total economic losses from weather and climate related events caused, economic losses of EUR 450–520 billion (in 2020 euros) and only between ¼th and ⅓rd of these losses were insured depending on the source.
  • During the same period in the EEA 32 member countries between 85 to 145 thousand fatalities were recorder depending on the source.
  • Around 3% of all events are responsible for 60% of the losses. It is important to record small and medium scale events as well in order to detect the impact of climate change on losses and to support adaptation actions.
  • Trends in losses do not indicate any significant change over the period 1980-2020. This can be partly attributed to large interannual variability and a reporting bias over time, in particular for small and medium events.
  • Further efforts in collecting a coherent and comparable data from countries will be needed in order to present a coherent and authoritative European overview on losses and fatalities from weather and climate extremes as identified in the EU’s Green Deal and the EU Adaptation Strategy in order to close the climate protection gap.

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