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Folder Economic losses from weather and climate related events in Europe (2 items) Wouter Vanneuville 18/11/2021, 15:50
Folder Financing urban adaptation (2 items) Birgit Georgi 28/11/2016, 17:28
Folder MRE indicators for Climate Change Adaptation [Restricted access] Wouter Vanneuville 19/01/2018, 12:09
Folder Monitoring and evaluation of national adaptation policies along the adaptation policy cycle (4 items) Wouter Vanneuville 04/02/2020, 16:05
Folder National Adaptation Policy Processes (2014 Report) (2 items) Stéphane ISOARD 13/02/2014, 10:22
Folder Transport adaptation (2 items) Birgit Georgi 11/08/2014, 11:18
Folder Urban adaptation report 2016 (3 items) Birgit Georgi 28/06/2016, 16:24
Folder Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2020 (3 items) Aleksandra Kazmierczak 29/03/2020, 21:32
TalkBack Consultation Adaptation and climate resilience in the energy system (2019 report) Valentin Dumitru 18/02/2019, 11:19
TalkBack Consultation Monitoring, reporting and evaluation of adaptation at national level - Lessons from across Europe Christian-Xavier Prosperini 06/10/2015, 15:59
TalkBack Consultation Overview on climate change adaptation platforms in Europe Kati Mattern 07/04/2015, 13:51
XLSX Updated evidence file Download Valentin Dumitru 10/03/2015, 16:07 42 KB