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These message boards should support the resolution of practical issues during the piloting of the e-reporting dataflows.
Pilot data reporters and their IT support, ETC ACM, EEA and DG ENV pilot teams can add or reply to messages.
Useful hints and examples from these messages can be re-used later in the formal Guidelines for reporting.

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Codelists dataset G

The link to the next two code list does not seem to exist

 Could this be fixed?



Posted by berkhhan at 08 Sep 2015 17:37:43
Time for aggregations and statistics

Aggregations and statistics from UTD (E2a) are calculated for local time.

Regarding aggregations and statistics from validated data, IPR guidance says:

'It is recommended to report data and calculate statistics in the officially adopted local time zone for the territory (except for AOT40 which refers to CET). Member States may also choose to report in another geographical time zone applicable to their territory.'

If a MS report data and calculate statistics in another geographical time and this time is declared in D.5.3.5 (Aggregation Time Zone) will the EEA routines use this information to produce dataset F ?

Thank you


Posted by malhelau at 19 Jun 2014 11:46:39
DATASET C - AQUI xls file


1- would you please define us what it is expected in terms of "assessment method type description"? Is it in relation with the methods described in the old questionnaire form 7 or can it be mentionned for example "coupling fixed and campains measurements" or "continuous analyser" or "indicative measurements done with LVS" or anything else?

2- What is it expected in column titled "link class doc"? Could you give us an example? Can our networks do a link to their national report on Air quality?

Thanks for your help.

Armelle Frézier (INERIS-France)

Posted by freziarm at 17 Jun 2014 10:39:07
Schema validation issues !?!

Uk have logged that the schema validation scripts on the CDR are quite strict, XML that validates in XMLSpy fails tests on CDR. In particular trailing white space in xsi:schemaLocation. "xsi:schemaLocation="http" validates, "xsi:schemaLocation=" http" doesn't. The issue is the whitespace before the http.

Posted by tonybton at 23 Dec 2013 13:07:04
Automated QA/QC on Dataset C Query

I've tried a number of different configurations to try to get my sample AssessmentRegime metadata files to pass the QA/QC test #1 - yet I always seem to get the error "No aqd:AQD_AssessmentRegime elements found from this XML

I have stripped down the details - the XML passess the XSD test but not this one. 

Any thoughts? I have two example xml files in the CDRTEST for IE (C) - I can generate more if required. 

Posted by moonepet at 19 Dec 2013 00:12:01

Posted by targajau at 30 May 2013 15:30:40