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This folder provides information relevant for producing figures and maps for the EEA content management system

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Type Title Restrictions Owner Modification date and time File size Edit
XLS Data package for graphs (template) Download Hans-Martin Füssel 31/05/2012, 14:20 1 MB
URL EEA maps and graphs (link) Hans-Martin Füssel 09/01/2012, 18:13
URL Map and graph production guide (link to web version) Hans-Martin Füssel 09/01/2012, 18:13
PDF Map and graph production guide (print version) Download Hans-Martin Füssel 21/11/2011, 17:00 1 MB
XLS Metadata checklist Download Hans-Martin Füssel 31/05/2012, 14:21 237 KB
DOCX graphs_layout Download Hans-Martin Füssel 14/06/2012, 12:38 18 KB
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