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These data files will be used as demo for upload of a new version of an existing figure in the EEA Dataservice.

Relation: ENER023 figure04

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Type Title Restrictions Owner Modification date and time File size Edit
Folder Map example (5 items) Carsten Iversen 09/01/2012, 18:14
Folder Workflow diagrams (4 items) Carsten Iversen 24/10/2018, 09:03
XLS ENER023_Fig04_Underpinning_data Download Carsten Iversen 30/11/2011, 12:04 112 KB
File ENER23_Fig04_High_resolution_EPS-file Carsten Iversen 30/11/2011, 00:00
File ENER23_Fig04_Low_resolution_image_file Carsten Iversen 30/11/2011, 00:00
PPTX PowerPoint - Presentation, data and metadata Download Carsten Iversen 01/12/2011, 08:25 2 MB
URL Video - Requirement for data deliveries for maps used in EEA reports and Indicators, 30-11-2011 Carsten Iversen 09/01/2012, 18:13
XLSX XLS - Help to overview figure production Download Carsten Iversen 01/12/2011, 15:05 23 KB
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