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Eyüp Yüksel, Ministry of Environment and Urbanism (MoEU), GDNAP (former EPASA), a governmental protected area agency

Posted by yukseeyu at 03 Jul 2013 09:55:18
Discrimination between categories of the methods used

I would like to add my other comments on further classificaon according to the most followed pathways in making ecosystem assesments assumptions.

For example some use (Poland's wet  grasslands ecosystems used the tool of botanical listing, existence whether on a given river corridor valley, steppe, or grasslands for animal grazing), other use contingency, hedonic price, travel cost, opportunity cost methods economic valuations. Also which sector is analysed in each ecosystem assessment could be classified. Moreover, which land use pattern is analysed could be classified. Last but not the least, which region of Europe (e.g. Western, Central, and East Europe) would be revealed by another classification. Species contributing the assessments would be listed by markinmg its page number on each study, or work, the glossary of the virtual library. Thank you. Regards. Eyüp Yüksel, MoEU, GDNAP (former EPASA), a governmental protected area agency

Posted by yukseeyu at 03 Jul 2013 09:50:48
Virtual library on ecosystem assessment

Dear Madam/Sir, in my opinion it would be better to classify mapping, purely economic valuation, ecossyetm assessment in general, case studies, ecosystem assessment according to biogeography, biome, ecosystem type under different haeadlines. In addition, ecosystem assessments made by which country (expert, and the name of the organisation), and scale (e.g. big, small, medium, or country, continent, region, even biosphere levels) could be classified as well. According to impacts (e.g. climate change, drought, excessive pressure on consumption, etc.) studied in diverse works could also be classified. Ecosystem assesments mostly dealing with vulnerability of urban and rural areas could be classified under two headline. Kind regards, Eyüp Yüksel, Turkey, Ministry of Environment and Urbanism.

Posted by yukseeyu at 03 Jul 2013 09:24:42