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Archived Interest groups
Not accessible. Kept for documentation. You can request access to content via HelpDesk or by contacting former Interest Group administrator; his or her contact details will be dislayed when you try to access the Interest Group.
2008 climate change indicator report
2012 Survey on ecosystem-based management
Policy instruments and approaches in EEA member and collaborating countries
Archive material EEA work programme on soil up to 2001
Author team of the 2012 EEA et al. report on climate change impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation
Biodiversity Clearing-House
The old 'chm' IG
Biodiversity Loss - advisory group
From 2004-2005
project for review of the draft report on Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe
Chemicals Inventory
Clearinghouse Mechanism on Adaptation
Desertification in the Mediterranean
EC Monitoring Mechanism
Forum for EC Monitoring Mechanism Committee
EEA Effectiveness evaluation
interest group in context of 2012 evaluation
EEA INSPIRE Activities
Best practices for INSPIRE related EEA activities.
EEA and EIONET Papers
EEA coastal report 2012
Authors and contributors team for the 2012 coastal report
EEA ecosystems assessment coordination
EEA signals
EEA-USEPA Cooperation
EIONET Biological Diversity
migrated material from etcnpbcoop on CIRCA
EIONET Information Management and Telecommunications
EIONET Scenarios and Environment
EMAS outreach project Interest Group
Working platform for EMAS outreach project
ESD review tool
ETC Partners
ETC Managers and Partners Interest group
ETC Spatial Information and Analysis
ETC Spatial Information and Analysis
European Topic Centre supporting the European Environment Agency
ETC/ACC Consortium
ETC/ACC-SCP-W E-PRTR data review
European Topic Centre on Air Pollution and Climate Change Mitigation
ETC/WMF Partners
EU 98 Report
Archive for EU98 Report preparation
EU Council expert group on climate change adaptation
EU Council expert group on climate change science
Eionet NMC
NMC - Network Management Centre
EnviroInfo 2015 - Climate ADAPT workshop
Environment and Health Interest Group
Environment and Health Interest group 2009 - 2010
European Catchments and RIvers Network System
European Soundscape Award
European Soundscape Award
European Soundscape Award - Judging Panel
Expert Group on Reporting
FLIS Services Project - NRC FLIS testing
Forest report 2008 - Advisory group
GEMET archive
GIS EU Agencies
Government Foresight for Sustainability Transitions
A review of policy uses and impacts of foresight in selected EEA member countries
Interest Group for the IRENA Project
Implementation of 2011/850/EU
Indicator core set
Inter-Regional Forum
NFP / EIONET archive
NRC Agriculture and Forests Interest Group
IG 2 - National Reference Centres for Agriculture and Forests
NRC Air Quality
IG National Reference Centers for Air Quality
NRC Biodiversity
NRC Biodiversity
NRC Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation
IG for National Reference Centers on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation
NRC Communication
IG 5 - National Reference Centres for Communication
NRC Environment and Agriculture
NRC Environment and Energy
National Reference Centres for Environment and Energy
NRC Environment and Health
National Reference Centres on Environment and Health
NRC Environment and Transport
National Reference Centres on Environment and Transport
NRC Environmental Information Systems
National Reference Centres on Environmental Information Systems
NRC Forests
NRC Industrial Pollution
NRC Land Cover Interest Group
IG 11 - National Reference Centres for Land Cover
NRC Land Use and Spatial Planning
NRC Marine and coastal environment
IG 13 - National Reference Centers on marine and coastal environment
NRC Marine, coastal and maritime
Marine and coastal environment and maritime activities
NRC Maritime Interest Group
IG 14 - National Reference Centres for Maritime
NRC Mitigation of Air Pollution and Climate Change
IG - National Reference Centers on air pollution and climate change
NRC Nature and Biodiversity Interest Group
IG 16 - National Reference Centres for Nature and Biodiversity
NRC Noise
IG 17 - National Reference Centres on Noise
NRC Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy
National Reference Centres on Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy
NRC SoE Reporting and Indicator guidelines
NRC Soil
IG 21 - National Reference Centers for Soil
NRC Waste
National Reference Centres on Waste
NRC biodiversity data and information
National reference centres for biodiversity data and information
NRC-SoE (State of the Environment Reporting)
National Reference Centres for State of the Environment
NRCs on resource efficiency and waste (TO BE ARCHIVED IN 2019)
National Reference Centres for Resource efficient economy and NRC Waste
Network of European Agencies
When EEA was chair in 1999
Network of European Environment Protection Agencies
Outlooks for the 2005 report
PRELUDE Interest Group
Packaging Waste
Policy analysis
Project Horizontal on Sludge, Biowaste and Soils
Quality of life in cities and towns
Quiet areas in Europe
GIS data for the Quiet areas in Europe report
Regional policy evaluation
Renewables project 2005
Report consultation - Climate change adaptation and agriculture
EEA report on climate change adaptation in the agriculture sector
Report of Europe's Biodiversity
Restricted Call for Tender - Europe's Biodiversity
From 2004
Review of EEA report 'State of the Coasts in Europe 2012'
SC call 2012
SC call 2012
SC call 2014
SC call 2016
SEBI2010 Expert Groups
Scenarios and outlooks
Spatial development of landtake
Landtake coverage
TAC on Waste Legislation
The First Eye On Earth User Conference
Thematic reporting guidelines
Training IG
Transport subsidies
UNECE WGEM taskforce on tools and guidelines
Virtual library for ecosystem assessments
Prepairing a virtual library within BISE platform for ecosystem assessments
WISE - Go4 workspace
Waste Shipment Regulation (EEC) No. 259/93
Yearly Indicator Report
post SOER 2015 reflections
test for std settings
for test only